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Daniel Rossa

Daniel Rossa is an art director who lives between Berlin and Bremen. His art originates from the need to work for an interdisciplinary experimentation and is the result of a solid perspective on the aesthetic perception in the arts .
The establishment of links between the digital world and the reality is a recurring theme in his installations, which make virtual reality and actual reality coexist in a sensory and physical fusion.
The field of HIS artistic work is very extensive .
Rossa shift from various analog techniques and graphic design to moving images, projections and lighting design sculptures that move in space.
Rossa considers its facilities as temporary realities within an urban area – a perceptual similarity, which is realized through the cutout and the elaboration of a natural phenomenon by artificial constructions .
The installation is developed from pre-existing structures and an architectural approach towards the surrounding space.
In addition to his personal projects, Rossa have been working with the Red Urbanscreen since 2007, creating specific architectural projections in the commercial and cultural fields.
Rossa’s work has received awards from the prestigious Cannes Design Lions, the Art Directors Club Germany, Art Directors Club of Europe and the German Lighting Design Award .
In addition, his installations have been shown at Hamburger Kunsthalle, Bauhaus Dessau, Thessaloniki International Film Festival , Goethe Theater Bremen and International Dance Days Münster.