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Arte, Lavoro, Ironia, Pensiero, Lavoro, Poesia

6th-11th July 2014
Sala delle Colonne. Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci, Milano
Produced by Video Sound Art Festival
The first meeting with Beppe Giacobbe in his studio scented of papers and colors, marked the road of the fourth edition of Video Sound Art festival.
For this production, we pulled alongside traditional form of expression such as illustration to videomapping technique.
Three young artists, through videomapping, gave their personal interpretations of three illustration designed by Beppe Giacobbe

“Le roi du Silence”
Beppe Giacobbe and Francesco Di Loreto
Animated short film designed by Beppe Giacobbe. Music composed by Francesco Di Loreto .
Artistic installation by Lino Palena

“Fine della geografia”
Illustration by Beppe Giacobbe
A poject by Ivan Casagrande Conti
Animation and Editing: Ivan Casagrande Conti
Drawings: Filippo Tassell
Voice: Laura Palmer

Illustration by Beppe Giacobbe
A poject by Rajan Craveri and Serena Zanconoto – Micron