The exhibition is free.
Reservations are recommended due to capacity limits.
During the festival it will be possible to attend free guided tours with the students of the school.
For guided tours led by curators and mediators from the education department of the festival, book here:


29 NOV

7.00 prenota
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30 NOV

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One of the typical features of the festival is to choice of locations that are unique and often involve the opening of spaces that are not usually accessible to the public: this year the festival, hosted by Liceo Volta in Milan, is part of the everyday life of the school, the 2019 edition follows a format designed by Video Sound Art itself on the occasion of Talpe: Well Said Old Mole!, collateral event of the European Biennale Manifesta 12, realized inside the Liceo Statale Umberto I of Palermo.

Students were actively involved through a work-related learning program. Their experiences will concretely flow in the festival: students have met the artists in the early stages of their work and production, they will lead guided tours during the opening days and they will be directly involved in the final appointment of the public program during which, following a contest, they will be able to perform and present their musical projects.