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2013 Edition

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan , the third edition of the festival was inserted into the program of Verdestate Milanese.

From July 6 to 16 , from 10 am to 23 at the Portico dell’Elefante and the Visconti Room of the Sforza Castle in Milan, the festival has promoted a multidisciplinary dialogue ranging from data collection to live performances , from motion graphics to sound design.

2013 Production
2013 Artists
Video Primavera Sound – Concerts 2013

Guests of 2013 edition: Aaron Koblin, a designer leading the Data Arts Team at Google Creative Lab, an expert in data collection and author of innovative experiments in programming and collective participation; Daito Manabe, Japanese programmer who applies technological innovation to the possibilities of the human body , through mingling dance theater with physical performance . Among the artists of Italian birth or acquisition, the works of the triad of creatives who have attended and still attend the corridors of MTV International: Ced Pakusevskij, first art director of MTV, Daniele Carmosino, composer and sound designer, and the young Cristian Acquaro, already known for the high quality of his works.

Video Sound Art Festival
III edition
6- 16 July 2013

Sforzesco Castle, Milano

With the patronage of:
Comune di Milano